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Image by Norbert Levajsics

Stopping the unwanted Chimp

Professor Peters identified three main psychological brains work:

  • the Frontal (Human),

  • the Limbic (Chimp) and,

  • the Parietal (Computer).

The 'Human' brain interprets information by searching for facts and establishing the truth.

The 'Chimp' is emotional and processes information with gut feelings and first impressions.

The 'Computer' is the memory bank and refers to education, training and past experiences. 

The Chimp can cause immense workplace damage if left unattended. 

Strategic HR & OD Consultancy Services: Welcome

Strategic HR Consultancy

Understanding your business and culture by reviewing:

  • Current and future business plan and objectives

  • Employee Feedback and engagement

  • Culture and values in practice

Evaluating opportunities for change by seeking:

  • What is prohibiting your growth / transformation?

  • What blockages are in place?

  • What resources and skills are required?

Developing strategies aligned to your business objectives by ensuring they are:

  • Bespoke strategies aligning culture and objectives

  • Clear, concise and deliverable

  • Measurable objectives

Implementing positive change by:

  • Collaborating with your teams

  • Coaching and training 

  • Communicating and seeking feedback

Strategic HR & OD Consultancy Services: Services
Contemporary art collage. Offices workers, employees working their way to success. Develop

Additional Services

Strategic HR & OD Consultancy Services: Projects

HR Relations & HR Mentoring

Providing HR guidance and mentoring on the employee life cycle and employee relations

Organisation Design

Developing the right organisational design and structure with effective and efficient operational systems and people practice to help support your business to thrive and grow

Employee Engagement 

Working with trusted partner engagement platforms to understand your business engagement metrics and designing deliverable, measurable, culturally aligned action plans

Executive & Leadership Coaching

Overcoming blockages and challenges through listening, powerful questioning and sharing practical tools and exercises to build self-awareness and leadership skills

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