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Executive Coaching

Being a CEO or director can be lonely and even isolating. Your decision making is highly visible and with that comes a lot of pressure. Even with a supportive senior management team around you, you can feel like there’s no confidential space to talk through issues, formulate strategies and problem-solve.

Executive coaching gives you exactly that space. As your coach I will be your critical friend, a trusted confidant who will not just listen, but help you find the resources to navigate the complexity of your work life. You’ll leave each coaching session feeling heard, supported and energised.

Our coaching can include a DISC profile which is a fantastic tool for stretching your leadership strengths and giving you new approaches to lead effectively, using your energy where it will have the most impact.

Leadership Coaching 

Managing a team, whether you’re a CEO or a first line manager, is a challenging role, there are decisions to make, colleagues to build relationships with, and work to deliver in a world that is constantly changing. It can be stressful to be stuck in the middle, your work life balance disappearing under all the emails, potentially leaving you low in confidence and full of self-doubt.

Would you like to develop the resources you need to deliver your best work in spite of all this? Would you like to ditch imposter syndrome and meet challenges with confidence and resilience? Build up your own bespoke leadership tool kit that you can call upon to think through strategies and approaches? In our coaching we will focus on overcoming blocks and challenges through listening, powerful questions, and sharing incredibly practical tools and exercises which will build your self-awareness and your skills so you’re nailing your current role and are ready for the next one.

If you’ve just moved to a more senior role, gained a challenging new project or team, or are navigating a career change or transition such as returning to work after parental leave, leadership coaching can help you navigate all those challenges.

Coaching programmes usually include twelve 60-minute coaching sessions plus email access to me throughout. We’ll start by scheduling a 90-minute discovery call to set some goals and will regularly review them to check we’re on track. We’ll evaluate the programme fully at the end and a plan for ‘what next?’.

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Career Transition Coaching

Are you in a role that no longer makes you happy? Maybe your career worked for you pre-pandemic, but the added stress means it doesn’t any more. Or maybe you've been thinking about a change for a while.

Maybe you're faced with restructure and you know that this is a good time to reflect what you want.

But the idea of making a change can feel scary. Is it worth the investment? Do I have the energy? Will I be able to earn as much? Is it too late?

Here you are, reading about career coaching, and that suggests you are ready to grab change with both hands!

Having coached professionals through career transition for several years and know that sometimes a course of 3, 6 or more coaching sessions is needed, and wanted, especially if you want that longer term support and accountability and you know that what you want to work on needs more of an investment of your time and energy.

Or maybe you’re at the start of your career transition journey and you want a cost effective way of working through a series of reflections and exercises to help you work out what you want.

Redundancy Coaching

You may unfortunately be going through a restructure or redundancy process which has lead to your employer offering to fund your career transition coaching. 

A tailored package for you would be based on £300 per 90 minute session. This includes a DISC personality profile.

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Early Career Support

With over 17 years HR experience, we can to support school leavers or Graduates enhance their CV and job applications.  This isn't a case of re-working CV's, we'll start with a discovery call to understand your career goals and to understand your transferable skills and achievements.  

Offering a bespoke services for School / University leavers with CV writing, networking, job searches and interview preparation.  

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A bespoke interviewing feedback service is also available.

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We are a Lincoln based Consultancy, covering Lincolnshire, NE Lincolnshire, Humberside and Nottinghamshire.
All services are available remotely, offering initial telephone / Skype consultations.

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