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Our Testimonials Do the Talking

Testimonials: Testimonials

"Michelle helped me understand where I was in my current role as well as how I could further my career and transition into a more senior role.  Her unbiased view gave me a clearer picture of my next steps and how to continue to navigate through my career path.  She was an invaluable source of advice, motivation and guidance. As a result of this, I have developed as a more all-rounded person within my profession".

Helen Atkins (Finance Manager)

I couldn’t have asked for a more supportive, approachable and valuable coach to guide my development as a HR professional. During our sessions no question ever felt too ‘silly’ to ask which I really appreciated, especially as I transitioned to becoming a line manager for the first time! She grew my confidence, knowledge and mindset and one year on, I still think of her advice when I come across a challenging situation.

Anna Harbord (HR Manager)

Michelle was incredibly supportive when approaching her for career advice. Her ability to listen, empathise and suggest solutions certainly gave me food for thought and the push I needed. ‘Take control’ were her words. Nothing was too much trouble for her, whether it was meeting face-to-face, tweaking my CV or sending messages of support. I needed encouragement and insight, and Michelle provided them in multiple highly professional and constructive ways. I have known Michelle for over 7 years and appreciate her skills in integrating emotional intelligence and professional realism. She will always encourage and support and her guidance was an indispensable element in my success in finding a fabulous new role that I love and uses my skillset. I can’t thank you enough Michelle!

Jeanette, Duncan (Executive PA)

"I was struggling with direction in regard to my future within Human Resources. I contacted Michelle after hearing fantastic reviews and reviewing her social media platform. She responded very promptly and arranged a time and date to discuss things further. 

Michelle spent the time listening, asking questions and understanding my current situation and challenges, giving feedback that was both extremely relatable and realistic. She helped me put the next steps in place and after putting these into practice, I am now in a position where I am very happy and excited about my current role and future within HR." 

I would like to say a massive thank you to Michelle for helping me not only restore my passion and excitement for HR, but turn what was quite an overwhelming loss of direction into simplistic and pragmatic steps forward."

Becky Furneaux (HR Specialist)

“Michelle is an incredible coach and consultant! She has the unique ability to know just when to bolster your sense of personal empowerment and confidence throughout the roller coaster ride of a new career search. She applies her practical real life professional experience to support your career search and development plan. I found her advice in assisting me to successfully and confidently bring out the best possible version of myself. I could not recommend Michelle more highly - thank you!”

Helen Foster (HR Specialist)

"Michelle helped me build my CV during my search for a placement at University, she also gave me lots of important advice on how to deal with interviews and assessment days which proved to be extremely valuable. Michelle was very easy to talk to and I would highly recommend students / graduates to seek her advice if in a similar position to myself".

Billy Wright (Engineer)

"During my second year at University I was keen to get some work experience in HR. It was through the work experience with Simons that I met Michelle. I worked with Michelle and her team to get an understanding of HR and the role the function plays as part of a large company.

Michelle was very hands on with my learning and made me feel at ease and really focused on what I wanted to get out of the experience and not what she thought I would want! This was really important for me, as I had the basics from my degree learning, what I wanted was what it was like in practice, and Michelle provided me with an insight to this. 

Michelle continued to keep in touch with me after my work experience, helping me with any questions that I had in order to help with my development and first steps into HR.

In my final year of university I contacted Michelle regarding my group dissertation to ask if she had any ideas, again Michelle was really hands on, inviting me and my team to the company premises and giving up her day to go through any initial questions we had and support us with starting our project. Michelle was really engaged throughout the 6 months of the dissertation and we felt that without her support and coaching we would not have been able to make the project as successful as we did. It was really important to have someone within the business that had an invested interest and wanted the project to be successful.

In completing my dissertation, I knew that a career in HR was definitely what I wanted to do. I am now in my third year of HR working for a company supporting 400+ employees, and have just completed my Level 5 CIPD. I feel that my HR career was sparked off by the brilliant work experience I had under Michelle’s lead and the continuous support she has given me since. Her style of working made me excited about HR, Michelle is an excellent coach and someone you can rely on to give you support and advice when you need it and is always honest and professional throughout". 

Megan Beeson (HR Specialist)

"I was Chief Executive of Simons Group for just short of five and a half years during which time Michelle was my primary HR support.  Her contribution was always strong and grew through her own personal development and commitment to becoming Head of HR for the group and a key member of the Leadership Team.
Michelle demonstrates a healthy balance between driving the organisational goals of the business, protecting the business from employment liabilities and a genuine care for the development and well-being of the individuals and teams.
This means Michelle is respected and trusted throughout the business by fellow leaders and colleagues alike.
Michelle worked hard to understand the strategic objectives of all the companies within the group and was then effective in developing HR strategies and plans to support organisational goals.  She was equally effective in implementing those plans.
Michelle is an excellent generalist HR professional, but with a very healthy interest in organisational design and development".

Tom Robinson (CEO)

"Michelle worked with me during the difficult final throes of our business. She is an extremely professional and practical/commercial HR business partner, who worked tirelessly in the face of a programme of staff reorganisation and redundancies to deliver good outcomes for the company and staff. Always prepared to go the extra mile and take on additional responsibilities outside of her HR role, she was a key member of the senior management team and a first class HR Business Partner".

Alastair Gordon-Stewart (Finance Director)

"I worked with Michelle from 2010 when we mobilised Lincolnshire Highways contract. in the following years she excelled in her role, going above and beyond what I had experienced as the norm from a HR BP. Michelle's contribution in Lincolnshire had a lasting effect in the long-term success of the contract in the early restructuring exercises and harmonisation of T and Cs. Proactive member of the contract team contributing ideas and solutions to issues outside of her remit. Michelle ensured that line managers were appropriately supported but also assisted me in developing the HR strategy that ensured that our aims and objectives were delivered efficiently and effectively. Michelle is the trusted, ultimate professional that you want in your management team who consistently delivers high quality work in a logical manner. Michelle is remembered by everyone in Kier working in Lincolnshire for the right reasons".

Mike Smith (General Manager)

"I worked with Michelle for 4 years at Simons Group, whilst I was Head of Finance and she was Head of HR. We worked very closely together on a range of areas including recruitment, appraisals, staff development and restructuring. Michelle is the most professional, knowledgeable and practical HR professional I have worked with in my career. She strikes the right balance between representing the company and looking after the employee and in my experience will always go the extra mile to strive for the best outcomes. She can react quickly to short term issues but also thinks long term to get the best out of a company's most important asset, its people. I would recommend Michelle strongly for her HR skills".

Patrick Kent (Head of Finance)

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