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The Parentrepreneurs Club

Introducing the Parentrepreneurs Club – A Network and Coaching Program for Parents Who Want To Pursue Their Entrepreneurial Goals

Michelle Johnson and Laura Capindale are proud to announce the launch of their parent-focused entrepreneurial network and coaching programs. 

"We are both HR professionals, qualified coaches and mothers and through our shared experiences we know we have a lot of practical advice and solutions to help other parents thrive as entrepreneurs" says co-founder Laura. "We are commited to providing an uplifting community and banishing the limiting beliefs and guilt that we have found is so common amongst parents"

This is an important milestone in the journey of parents who want to become entrepreneurs and develop the right mindset, network and skills needed to make their business a success. Parents no longer have to go it alone, or struggle to get childcare to attend traditional networking events, instead they can join this vibrant community and get the support they need to get their business off the ground.

Michelle and Laura, both successful entrepreneurs themselves, understand the difficulties faced by parents trying to make it as entrepreneurs. Parentrepreneurs Club will connect like-minded parents and tackle the unique challenges faced by those looking to build a business while also managing a household and parenting children. Members can leverage the network to share ideas and experiences, and take advantage of a number of exclusive coaching opportunities.

“This venture is a real passion piece for both of us and we’re excited to be able to offer this support network for parents who are interested in pursuing their entrepreneurial goals” says co-founder Michelle. “We understand how difficult it can be to manage a business while caring for a family. We want to create a space where parents can come together to discuss these challenges and find solutions.”

The Parentrepreneurs Club offers an array of services, including group and one-on-one coaching, peer networking, flexible working opportunities and workshops that cover topics such as time management, goal setting, marketing, and more. We also provide access to exclusive resources and tools to help you grow.

For more information or to join the Parentrepreneurs Club, please visit You can also follow them on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram to stay up-to-date with their events and activities.

The Parentrepreneurs Club: Services

The Newborn Program

Setting up own business - starting out or not quite made the leap

  • Initial Disruptor Session

  • Group cohort max 6

  • Bi-weekly group coaching sessions

  • Monthly guest speakers

  • Action and Reflection exercises 

  • WhatsApp Community

  • Facebook Group

  • Newsletters and blogs

£179 p/m (min 3 months)

The Toddler Program

Starting to find your feet in business / wanting to grow and recruit staff, maybe wanting to change direction or feel like they've become very reactive

  • 1:1 Bi-weekly session

  • WhatsApp and email Access to coach between sessions

  • DiSC Profile

  • Newsletter and Blog

  • Facebook Group

  • Tailored Workbooks and actions

£897 for 8 week program 

The Adolescent Program

Developing businesses 10+ staff wanting more structure

  • 1:1 weekly session

  • WhatsApp and email Access to coach between sessions

  • DiSC Profile

  • Newsletter and Blog

  • Facebook Group

  • Tailored Workbooks and actions

  • Introductions, referrals and partnership opportunities

£1597 for 8 wek program

Group Mentoring

Monthly online group mentoring / networking meeting

  • Group online session

£127 p/m


The faces behind The Parentrepreneurs Club
Laura & Michelle

The Parentrepreneurs Club: Welcome
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