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Are you a Quiet Quitter?

You may or may not know what quiet quitting is, it is when you decide not to hand in your notice in to leave but you decide to stick with it as leaving is not a realistic option.

You do the bare minimum to survive, trying not get fired, simply showing up daily.

You have become emotionally disconnected from the job, company and colleagues.

You want to spend more time with your family, or have more time for your hobbies.

Your job has become a means to an end to pay your bills.

COVID has had a huge impact on all of us, and our attitudes to work. We had had to adopt a new way of working and living, it has opened our eyes. We have re-thought how we want to live our lives and what is important to us. Now we are coming out the other side we are reflecting and making changes.

If you don't feel you can quit your job then Quiet Quitting might have become your logical step. You no longer want to hustle and feel you have worked hard through the pandemic with little acknowledgement. You are seeking recognition, appreciation and validation but since it hasn't been forthcoming have decided to "check out".

It is acceptable for you to opt out of the hustle and not give you all to work.

It's ok to think:

I don't want to sacrifice my work life balance.

I don't want to sacrifice my health.

I don't want to be present in an office 5 days a week.

Your work doesn't need to be your everything, it is ok to be content at your job.

This is NOT Quiet Quitting, it is not contempt. It is when you want to leave, don't enjoy your role but you don't have the option to leave so you emotionally disconnect. That is not healthy!

It is a response to an unhealthy or toxic work environment, a reaction to the lack of recognition, appreciation and validation.

It is hugely draining, you will become more disengaged and it will be harder to go to work. Additionally, it is far more likely to impact on your mental and physical health.

The longer you stay in this limbo state the harder it will be leave and more importantly you will become less employable.

Think about it, when you proactively search for a new role you are bursting with energy and excitement. You stay put as a Quiet Quitter and reactively search 6 months down the line...all of that baggage and stress will be hard to hide to a prospective employer.

So if you are in this scenario, and unsure how to get out of the Quiet Quitting limbo get in touch today for a free discovery call (

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